Beau James

Let the words write themselves


A banner which states: "Let the words write themselves" is tattooed onto Beau James' right forearm, framing a Super Deluxe 55 mic. The simplicity of his words combined with the classic sound his music reflect a life as dark as the ink in his skin. "I write what is true to me because if I am going through a hard time, I am sure there are thousands of others going through the same thing." His music is honest and his truth is shared with people all over the globe. 

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Beau formed The Heavy Heavy Hearts. The band's dark, angsty riffs, machine gun drums, and unmatched musicianship found its way onto the soundtrack for the Sony film Bad Country, as well as radio playlists across the nation. The band quickly developed a following of motorcycle gangs and blues-lovers while grinding its way up and down the Sunset Strip. However, after a few years in Los Angeles, Beau became afflicted with wanderlust and, accompanied by the Hearts, made his way to Nashville. While rocking through the local scene, he subsequently rediscovered his passion for an old flame: Americana Music. 


Over the winter of the Snowpocalypse, he called together some of Nashville's finest underground musicians to record his first solo record, "Indigo Road". The face-melting solos, head-banging beats, and heavy, blues-driven rock which he was known for in the Heave Heavy Hearts gave way to haunting guitars, vulnerable lyrics, and just enough pop sensibility to make you want to press play again. With touches of John Mayer, Ryan Adams, and Tom Petty's Heartbreakers, "Indigo Road" leads to a destination in which everything is as familiar as home, and as enchanting as your first cross-country road trip. With Beau James as your compass, you'll find a friend in your pain, a medicine for your sickness, and band-aid for your bullet-riddled soul.