Beau James

Let the words write themselves

Beau James is a singer-songwriter based in Greensboro, North Carolina. With a distinctively soulful and relatable voice, Beau has been capturing the attention of audiences from LA to Spain for the past decade, and has landed songs on major TV shows (Shameless, Nashville) and films (Sony’s “Bad Country”) and can even be found in a quick scene beside Billy Ray Cyrus in his show, “Still The King.”

But Beau James hasn’t stopped there.  He’s released two albums (“Indigo Road” with Awake Studios and “Landmarks” with Randm Records), and has been steadily releasing singles as his solo act and his band Chuck Mountain.  Beau can also be found working with Our State Magazine and Songfinch when he’s not out playing shows and festivals around North Carolina. 

“Relating to listeners is what drives James as an artist. A modern troubadour, his dream come true is a life of wandering, of trading notes on life’s struggles and successes through stories that are just as real to him as they are to his audience. “Humans deserve to be in contact with each other,” James says simply. “I make music that I relate to, and hopefully people will relate to it, too.””

—Meghan Roos, 2015