Beau James

Let the words write themselves

“Let the words write themselves.” This advice to value sincerity in songwriting is tattooed across Beau James’ right forearm, but it’s a reminder he doesn’t seem to need very often. One listen to “Demon on My Mind” or “Broken Hearted Past” is all it takes to recognize the authenticity in Beau’s lyrics.

Beau – a singer, guitarist and songwriter currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee – grew up listening to blues and classic rock albums in his childhood home, though it wasn’t until college that he thought seriously about becoming a musician. Once he graduated from the University of North Carolina in 2010, Beau moved first to Los Angeles and later to Nashville, writing songs every step of the way that reflected the places he saw, the people he met and the experiences that piqued his songwriter’s instinct to create.

While living in Los Angeles, Beau started the blues rock group the Heavy Heavy Hearts, working with band mates Anthony Mancini (guitar), Ralph Alexander (drums) and college friend Clark Singleton (bass) to record an EP. Their efforts culminated in 2012’s Dirty Lies, a six-track EP filled with dark, angsty riffs, machine gun drums and raw lyrics that attracted positive critical attention. The accelerating energy of songs like “Dirty Lies,” “Lonely Man” and “Bottom of the Bottle” pushed the Heavy Heavy Hearts onto radio stations across the country and landed their music in the films Bad Country (Sony, 2013), Made 2: Ladies Man (MTV, 2013) and Ant Man(Disney, 2015). Shortly after the EP’s release, the band relocated to Nashville before going on hiatus in late 2014. At that time, Beau began taking serious steps to establish his career as a solo artist.

The result of Beau’s focus was Indigo Road, a 10-track singer/songwriter album with ties to blues, bluegrass, country and folk that Beau recorded at Awake Studios in Nashville and released independently in May 2015. Featuring bluesy numbers like “Heart is What You’ve Found” and the introspective “Demon on My Mind,” Indigo Road was in many ways a blueprint of Beau’s artistry. A reflective album fueled by moments of grit and determination, Indigo Road introduced Beau as an artist with stories and perspectives listeners could believe in.

Beau approaches live performances the same way. He thrives on the idea that the faces he peers into while onstage belong to potential friends. “I really hope to bridge the gap where, if you’re a fan of my music, you’re a friend,” Beau told PopMatters in 2015. “I want to get to know people.”

Shortly after the release of Indigo Road, Beau signed with Randm Records, an independent record label based in San Diego, California. In early 2016, Beau entered the label’s Lost Ark Studio to begin recording Landmarks, an EP slated for release on September 2, 2016. Featuring seven singles, the EP continues Beau’s tradition of pairing compelling narratives with instrumental prowess. “Each song was written about a specific person or time that made a huge impact on my life,” Beau said ofLandmarks. “These are songs that I found along my journey, songs that serve as the landmarks in discovering my musical identity.”

  • "Indigo Road" featured on ABC's Nashville

  • Top 5 Vocalist's June 2016 Singer Universe

  • Featured on New Artist Spotlight on iTunes

  • Featured On NoiseTrade under "New & Notable"

  • Bottom Of The Bottle placed in Ant Man Promo, Disney2015

  • Signed Record Deal with Randm Records August 2015

  • Sold Out Basement Cd Release Show May 18th, 2015

  • Opened for Left Lane Cruiser 2015

  • Featured on Eldon Thacker Radio Show 2015

  • Bottom Of The Bottle placed in Made 2: Ladies Man, MTV 2013

  • Lonely Man & Dirty Lies placed in Bad Country, Sony Film 2013